Jim, The Massage Guy

There's everybody else
And then there's Jim, The Massage Guy.

What do I do?

I do not adhere to any one specific technique. Your massage will be customized specifically for your needs. Or you can request any of the following:


The most basic massage. Not too deep, not too shallow, and easy to customize.

Deep Tissue

A technique that uses heavy pressure to work muscles beneath other muscles to release chronic tension.

Trigger Point Therapy

A more focused form of deep tissue massage that uses focused pressure and/or movement on fixed points to release tension built-up in the whole muscle. This can also help to decrease muscle restriction to increase range of motion.

Myofacial Release

The opposite of deep tissue. A genital touch technique that uses friction instead of hard pressure. This is perfect for persons suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypersensitivity, chronic pain, or if you just don't like deep tissue massage.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

A therapeutic technique that works along the back between the base of the scull (cranium) to the top of the hips (sacral area). Especially helpful for those suffering from chronic back pain and/or migraine headaches.

Sports Massage

Specifically designed for athletes (pro or amateur) to help maintain a healthy body tone.
This can take strokes off your golf game.

Passive/Active Stretching

Various forms of gentle stretching to loosen the muscles and increase circulation.


Acupressure/Energy work with most of the benefits of acupuncture with none of the needles.

Chair Massage

If you are unable to get on a massage table, the massage chair will work. No need to get undressed. Perfect for public events or in the office. Any and all techniques can be performed in the chair.

Foot Massage

Just what is sounds like but with a peppermint lotion. One of my most popular massages at events.